Are These 3 Lies Keeping You From Success In Your Business?

by | Apr 12, 2023

If you’re an entrepreneur, seeing success in your business isn’t just something you WANT … it’s something you NEED. After all, a business that isn’t successful simply won’t last very long.

But what happens if you’re NOT seeing success in your business and it feels like all progress has been halted in its tracks? There’s a possibility that you simply need an expert guide – someone who’s been where you are and gotten to where you want to be. That’s where working with a business coach can be extremely beneficial.

It’s also possible that your mindset around owning and running your own business has some flaws. Or, you’ve bought into some common lies about entrepreneurs.


These 3 lies could keep you from seeing success in your business.


Lie #1: Entrepreneurs enjoy time freedom.

This one is true only in the sense that you have the freedom to choose what goes into or what stays out of your daily calendar. The stark reality is that most entrepreneurs work harder on their business (and possibly longer hours) than they did on their 9-5 job.

Does the lack of “time freedom” mean that you shouldn’t become an entrepreneur? Absolutely not! Yes, it does take TIME, EFFORT, and PASSION to start a business AND make it successful. That often means long hours and working early in the morning and/or late at night. But, once you see success in your business, it’s possible to grow and scale it so you can achieve financial freedom … which often translates to having time freedom as well.


Lie #2: It’s easier to have a work/life balance as an entrepreneur.

This lie makes me actually want to laugh out loud. While it sounds great on paper, it’s not exactly accurate. The reality is that entrepreneurs often enjoy a work/life MIX or an integration of the two.

My wife and I work on weekends, we work on holidays, and we work early in the morning and late at night … whenever we need to. While this doesn’t describe a work/life BALANCE, we DO enjoy a mix of work and personal life.

For example, we can take random trips during the week. Or, we can spend time together while making visits to some of our Detroit area rental properties. Work and life responsibilities aren’t always separated but they are integrated.


Lie #3: You can sit back, relax, and enjoy passive income.

Don’t get me wrong here … it’s absolutely possible for entrepreneurs to earn passive income. But, that doesn’t mean it comes easily or without blood, sweat, and toil. Whether you invest in real estate like my wife and I do, you have an online dietitian business, or you own and operate another business venture, the business/investment will perform better when you ACTIVELY manage it.

You’ve probably heard the saying “where FOCUS goes, ENERGY flows.” This is absolutely true if you want to see success in your business. Focus on your real estate investment or business and it’ll grow more and faster than if you neglect it.


Enjoy success in your business and achieve financial freedom

When you have the right mindset about being an entrepreneur and you know what’s involved, it’s exciting to see how far you can take your business and how far it can take YOU. For some, like my wife and I, a successful business has led to financial freedom. That means we get to live life on our OWN terms and work when and where we want to.

Check out my book, The New Rules for Financial Freedom, to learn how YOU can take your business to the next level. You’ll learn how to make, manage, and multiply your money for ultimate success and freedom.

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